I started attending Southside Speech & Drama school when I was 11, and can honestly say it was probably the best thing I ever did to make me who I am today.

Like many others, I found school sometimes really tough, so when my mum suggested a speech & drama school I wasn’t too convinced. I can still remember my first day at south side speech& drama school, I strolled in with no confidence at all, but was immediately welcomed, which made me feel at ease.

Both the staff and the students at the school are so friendly, being there made me feel part of another family. Together everyone helps each other, and the fantastic teachers they have help you on your individual needs, which makes you feel so valued. It’s not only a fun way of learning, but a great way of achieving too.

Whilst I attended South side speech & drama, I gained confidence and qualifications too. I academically improved at school, especially in English and Drama lessons, which I previously struggled in.

The qualifications I gained from Southside speech & drama, which is equivalent to UCAS points, later helped me attain a place at University. I am currently finishing my first year doing a Biomedical science degree, to which I regularly have to present my work to hundreds of other students and lecturers. Without the confidence I built up at south side speech & drama, and the skills I gained, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today.

I would encourage every child to attend here, It will be the best decision you will ever make. 


Dear Helen

I am dropping you a line as it seems like an appropriate time to do so - with you moving premises and location.

Firstly, I would like to wish you all the very best in this new endeavour.

I really hope that it results in more students benefitting from your unique talents and ability to draw out even the most timid of children, whilst still allowing those who are more outgoing to remain focused and develop.

As you know, both my daughters started about 3 years ago with you. Coincidently you could describe them as I just have in the sentence above :)

My girls were both keen to go but I was concerned about the suitability as they are such different characters and had such different needs.

You however, were absolutely wonderful with them and under your guidance they have both achieved well at exams but, more importantly, have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made new friends within the group.

My eldest girl was also doing Drama at GCSE and I felt that her school course and yours very much complimented each other. Indeed - the proof is in the pudding!!

She achieved a grade B in her GCSE's last June. I am sure that this is partly due to the joy she found in drama classes and the increased confidence this gave her.

Geraldine parent

Ashley feels that she has built new relationships since joing drama as welll as building her confidence in group situations.

She enjoys studying for the exams and arranging her folder and this organisation is good for her as she approaches her GGSE's.

As an English teacher myself I believe the close study of text can only enhance her understanding of literature as does Ashley.

She has picked GCSE Drama so studying at the weekends hasn't hinder her decision to choose it at GCSE.

Andrea, parent of Ashley

I started at Southside Drama when I was five, I was a really shy child and my parents wanted me to open up more; I’m now nineteen and I hardly ever shut up!

Attending Helen’s drama classes was truly one of the best things I ever did, I had two hours a week where I could meet new people, learn new skills and develop as a person. I’m currently a Law student, so I have to speak my mind in most lectures and seminars, without Southside drama I would never be able to that.

Southside is an amazing place with two wonderful teachers who couldn’t do enough for their students, it might seem annoying getting up early on a Saturday morning, but give it a go, it might just change your life – It changed mine. 

William, ex student

So, Louise, since her time in Southside she grew in confidence and the skills she was taught helped her in her working life working with the Public and how to communicate. 
Due to her love of Drama she wanted to take this further both in and out of School. It was timing with other commitments that stopped her pursuing this. It was because of her love of drama she was a role model in her classes.  

Emma, parent of Louise

Michael benefited immensely from Drama, although quite academically gifted he was shy and did not like the limelight.

He gained confidence and learned to embrace public speaking and presentation skills which has helped him in many ways, he went on to acquire the highest rank and leadership in Air Cadets. He still speaks fondly of his years at Southside!

Carol, parent of Michael and grandmother of Andrew and Abeni

Abeni loves drama both at Southside and school. It is her favourite lesson and a subject she excels in at school.

I think attending Southside has given her the confidence to express herself in school drama lessons and she has auditioned for roles in school plays and got the roles.

I think her success in drama lessons in school can be attributed to her attending Southside drama school x

Lee, mother of Abeni

Southside Drama allowed me to build my confidence within its classes but also within life its self. Southside drama helped me realise more about myself and what I wanted to be.

Thanks to Southside I have learnt valuable life lessons that I still benefit from 5 years after I've left. I learnt how to mix with different ages groups, how to co-operate within those groups and also how to always have people's back which I feel has benefited me in my working life!

Louise Carter, ex pupil

I started at Southside at the age of 6 in 2002. I was quiet child, very much in my own little shell, interacting with others as little as possible.

Over the last 11 years I have committed all of my Saturdays to Southside, because I have always felt that it was a fun way to spend my Saturday mornings! Turning up every Saturday to learn in a fun, friendly environment. The classes helped me to find a means of expressing myself, and helped me to come out of my shell.

Because of how much I enjoyed the drama lessons at Southside, I decided to take Drama as one of my GCSE options at High School. I also auditioned for all of the performances and productions I could! I was able to use some of the interpretation skills I had learnt at Southside in my school work, especially in my English lessons.

I now have a GCSE and an A-Level in Drama, and continue to audition for all sorts of productions. These are opportunities I would never have had without Southside!

Thank You Helen!

Mike Gavin
Pupil at Southside Drama

Southside Drama gave me confidence at a early age. I learnt a wide range of performance skills which have helped me throughout my early career in the industry.

It's a brilliant environment for anyone who wants develop there acting ability meet new friends and have fun.

I am currently working for a production company called northern lads productions and have worked with the likes of Liam Fox (Emmerdale), Idris Elba (The Wire, Thor) and Paul Murphy (Casualty).

Chris Pugh, ex pupil

Being part of Southside Drama School gave me great confidence from an early age, both in classes such as Drama, English and Art and outside of school.

I was able to mix with a wide variety of age groups and learned how to operate well as part of a group.

I am currently working as a full time Edit Assistant on Hollyoaks and a part time systems manager for the BBC on Final Score.

Jake Whiston, ex pupil

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